Voices in Education

Isn’t it fascinating, that there are so many different voices in education?

Children. Parents. Ofsted. Campaigners. Business. Education Practitioners. League Tables. News Editors. Unions. Governors. Local council. Charities. Celebrities. Communities.


So who contributes to educational policy and direction?

It is easy to assume that the government only listens to themselves… but do  they? The following video would have you believe that Michael Gove doesn’t listen to anyone but himself.

I’m not going to lie, I love this video. It shows how wrong Mr Gove has been on so many issues. But does he really just make things up as he goes along? I don’t think so.

Of course, he has ignored many voices on different issues. But don’t all politicians? And hasn’t he listened to voices over aspects of the new National Curriculum? E.g. backtracking on the initial withdrawal of Sp&L from English PoS.

So… who does contribute to educational policy and direction?

Me. You. Us.

We all have a voice. Let’s not waste them.


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