A Teacher’s Angel

My TA (Teacher’s Angel) is just wonderful. And here’s why…

1) She makes amazing cups of tea.

2) She knows the school and the staff and all their quirks.

3) She knows the children and their families and their stories.

4) She gives good hugs.

5) She has many years experience and has gleaned the most wonderful collection of activities and games that we can use together to impact our children and their learning.

6) She does any jobs I give to her.

7) She works with any group, and has a fantastic instinct for what children need to help them on to that next step.

8) She includes me in her thoughts for the lessons she is planning/teaching when I am on PPA.

9) She supports me and backs me unequivocally.

10) She has an amazing sense of humour, allowing us to bounce off each other in lessons.


So, all in all, she is wonderful. All of these things help me to be a better teacher, and many of them are gently guiding me through my first term as a teacher.

If you have a fantastic TA (Teacher’s Angel), I challenge you to write a little post for them. Tell them why you’re grateful, and why they’re amazing.


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