New Year’s Resolution

It is that time of year; that moment when people across the world resolve to do things differently in the new year. It got me thinking: does anyone actually hold to these resolutions? If not, why not? Are our aspirations for the year ahead just too hard to achieve in reality? Or do we just give up once we go back to work and things get us down? I’m not sure I believe in ‘Blue Monday’ (see previous link), and I have certainly never achieved a new year’s resolution. This year, though, I am determined. I am determined to intertwine my intricate life of faith and failure with my all-consuming life as a teacher; I am determined to be purposeful in my resolution, by making my resolution about who I am now… and who I want to be throughout 2015.


“Fear less, trust more; take less, give more; whine less, thank more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more.”


I purposefully resolve to do the above, to be the above, in 2015. I recognise now that there will be times when I fail. I am certain that I will whine at least once even within the first week back. But this is where I must remember that this year is the year I interlace my faith in God with my job: where my faith saves the day once more. Why? Because God is in the business of endless forgiveness and umpteen second chances; He works in me to make good changes, to make me more like Him; He gives to me, and loves me endlessly.


Of course, this might be a little controversial. I am a teacher in a state-funded primary school. I am also a Bible believing, Jesus loving Christian. But I am convinced that this can work – my all-consuming life as a teacher, and my all-consuming faith. And that is the first hurdle, to give God room to make my faith all-consuming.


This week, I will look at each part of my resolution, in an attempt to show how each makes me a better teacher, and a better me.